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VIP is free with some conditions!

First way to be accepted for vip you must:
Collect at least 35 coins on the server,when joining the servers you will notice coins floating around the map on random spawn locations,in chat you can check how many coins you have by adding a command !coins,screenshot the total of your coins and add it to the application form.
Coins will start spawn when are more than 3 players on the server

The second way to get vip you must:
Play at least 10 hours on the servers,afk mode is not possible due to the afk plugins so we will make sure is not going to happen :mrgreen: ,in chat type !active to see your hours played on the server and make a screenshot and so add it to the application form.

The third way to get vip you can:
Buy permanent vip on the servers by collecting coins while playing!
Just type in chat !coins and a menu will pop up with the total of coins you collected and one option to buy permanent vip,the permanent vip will cost a certain amount of coins collected!
Once you bough VIP with coins disconnect from the server and reconnect in order to make immediate effect.